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Baby essentials made of the softest cotton in the world.

But don’t just take our word for it because after all, feeling really is believing.

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Hola Baby! Welcome Home

Life’s precious moments call for pima. From the moment they’re born to the second they’re home, wrap your baby in our pima cotton essentials to make their grand entrance as cozy as possible.

A baby’s most comfortable place is most certainly in your arms, but pima cotton is surely a close second. The softness and unmatched quality provide an experience that your baby (and perhaps, your sleep schedule) will thank you for.

Pima Cotton: Feeling is believing

100% Peruvian pima cotton
The world’s softest cotton delivering the best of both worlds for your baby; essentials that are as durable as they are soft. And only the essentials, no added fluff. Leave that to the cotton.

Soft to touch, strong to last

Pima cotton luxuriously provides comfort and quality, but not at the price of durability, making it perfect for newborns. Our snuggly soft products provide an unmatched level of softness that will make the snuggly moments between you and your baby even more cozy.

Longevity will never be a question when it comes to our high-quality products as pima cotton delivers not only remarkable softness but also incredible durability. This makes it an excellent material for both newborns and parents to enjoy and benefit from. Our baby essentials truly are heirloom quality, providing a soft and comfortable lasting feel from your first child to your last.

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Designed in Minnesota, Grown in Peru

100% Peruvian pima cotton
With the delicate needs of a newborn in mind, our baby essentials are created with the world’s softest cotton, grown in the abundant fields of Peru, ensuring their ever so sensitive skin is cradled with the high-quality materials they deserve.

No one appreciates the importance of well-made, preciously soft essentials, more than us. We know the incredible importance of a comfortable and happy baby. That’s why we’ve created this luxurious yet practical line of baby essentials, made with only the best material; from one parent to another.

Turning moments into milestones

Even the simplest moments can become memorable milestones with a baby that is happy. Comfortable babies are content babies, and content babies are the happiest.

When your little one is wrapped in the snug, soft comfort of our footie, they’ll also be wearing their smile that creates some of life’s greatest memories. Our pima cotton essentials will provide an unmatched level of comfort, from bibs to burp cloths to caps, even the most modest moments can put a smile on your baby’s face.
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